Don’t Let it be Forgot, There Once Was a Spot

florentforrent.jpgThere has been a lot of chatter this week about the ever disappearing “New York of Old.” First there was a Times article on the last remnants of Manhattan’s Lower East Side shops, and then came word that everyone’s favorite late night eatery “Florent” would close its doors next month (the addition of mac ‘n cheese to the menu was apparently a sign of the end times). Now the NYTsCity Room” wants to know what you miss about “Old New York.”

Personally, we’ve never been one hundred percent convinced that the place actually existed — not that this ever stops us from bemoaning the current state of Ave B or complaining about the fact there are tour buses in Brooklyn. A glance over the comments reveals that, so far, the winner (or loser depending how you look at it) seems to be the old Penn Station. However, this guy definitely gets top marks for sarcasm (or is he merely channeling the future?).

Banks. I miss banks. Have you noticed there aren’t any more BANKS in Ol’ Gotham? Can’t find a one anywhere. And drugstores! Oh, how I miss seeing those Duane Reade’s and CVS’s and Walgreens.

Anyway, have your say here.