Donald Fisher’s Death Leaves SFMOMA Scrambling


In a strange bit of strange, on Monday we posted that GAP founder Donald Fisher had announced his decision to let the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art take his art collection for the next twenty-five years. Then, just five minutes later, Stephanie posted the news that Fisher had died late Sunday. Judging from the close proximity of those two posts, you can see that the latter news came as something of a shock. Though ours was just distant “a news-maker guy we know about” sort of shock, which is nothing compared to how the aforementioned SFMOMA has had to deal with the news. Apparently a lot of the details of Fisher’s donation hadn’t been worked out, including when it was going to happen and how the museum was going to go ahead in building a new wing to house it all. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the museum has formed an emergency committee to help try and figure out just what’s going to happen, largely all about said new wing and where it needs to go.

“This all happened quickly,” says Libby Garrison, a museum spokeswoman. “We have a handshake, but not many details beyond that.”