Dolans to Newsday: We May Own You, But That Doesn’t Mean We Have to Like You, or Talk to You

For those concerned that the Newsday sale to Cablevision was a bit of a strange fit, possibly not that well thought out, particularly for a father and son team who’ve not had the best relationship with the press via The New York Knicks, it looks like their fears may not have been un-founded.

The Observer is reporting that since acquiring the paper on Sunday the Dolan family is not playing so nice with the reporters they now employ. They apparently screamed at the Newsday business desk for sending a reporter to their house, and the proceeded to take the breaking story of the paper’s sale to Cablevision owned News 12 Channel. Not the best way to make a good first impression, also, one might add, not the best way to make money.

For their part Cablevision says it’s just following company policy in terms of the press. Though, as Koblin pointed out, this may have been as good a time as any for an exception; at least Rupe had the good sense to give the WSJ the inside line on his negotiations. Speaking of Rupe, says one staffer: “They’re the only owners who could make you wish for Murdoch.”

Hmm, perhaps the staff of the WSJ and Newsday may want to consider some group therapy.