DNC ’08: Swamp Love

reggie-love.JPGAna Marie Cox has an interview with Obama’s right-hand man Reggie Love, up over at Swampland. The interview is of particular note to us since it happened to be conducted (due to faulty phone reception) in various locales in and around our our current digs in Denver. Feel the Love.

AMC: If the McCain campaign was a basketball team, what basketball team would they be? And I think maybe Pistons, you know, for the aggressive play and all the sharp elbows, but my husband has also suggested the Princeton defense – do you have an opinion?

RL: Well, I think you may be referring to the Pistons of the 80s and early 90s….

AMC: Yes, I am referring to the Pistons of the 80s and early 90s. The sort of classic Pistons, and he’s referring to the classic Princeton defensive game. Do you have an opinion about that?

RL: If you had to say that McCain was a basketball team, and which basketball team would he most be like?

AMC: Ya, sort of the attitude they bring or the style of play they, you know, have.

RL: Well, I don’t want to insult any of the teams…

AMC: By comparing them to McCain?

Reggie wrote later to clarify exactly why he was hesitant: “I don’t want to insult any of the NBA teams, I have a lot of teammates and friends who still play in the NBA.