Divine Retribution: Penthouse Gets God

Like many so before, it looks like Penthouse magazine is turning to God for salvation cash.

Newsweek is reporting that in an effort to “diversify and reinvent” itself after having discovered that “adult content” (porn! your kids can find it anywhere now) is available on the internets for free(!) Penthouse has purchased, among other things, the Christian dating site BigChurch.com (motto: “Bringing people together in love and faith”). According to Penthouse Co. owner Marc Bell “Penthouse is just another Web site. We are in the social-networking business. We are not in the business of Penthouse.” Aha, tell that to your minister.

Meanwhile, fellow nudie mag (and yes, we know it’s “classier”) Playboy is also suffering from the “easy availability of bare flesh on the Internet,” having just reported that it lost money in the first quarter of 2008. According to Playboy head Christie Hefner, people should stop looking at the “company as a whole and start considering its individual parts,” (sort of like its take on woman, one could add). Anyway, did you know they have a blog?

Alas, it would seem the degradation of women just isn’t the solid investment it used to be…unless, of course, you count MoDo’s columns.