Disney Channel Top Viewed Cable Network In ’07

0104highscholmusical.jpgThe most-watched cable network in 2007 was the Disney Channel. The August 17 premiere of High School Musical 2 raked in 18.6 million total viewers and the network had a staggering 2.69 million total average viewers in 2007.

Second most watched cable channel? The USA Network, with 2.68 million total average viewers. USA lost by just 15,000 viewers.

Meanwhile, some other channels of note are A&E (which boosted viewership by 20%), the soon-to-be-rebranded Discovery Times (a 91% improvement!) and the NFL Network… who lost 60% of their viewership thanks to some business and marketing foul-ups in ’07.

As for Disney’s victory… Never underestimate the power of the family audience. Them kids control the tv.