Diana Ilinca: Digital Writer Spotlight

wattpad_good.png23-year-old fantasy novelist Diana Ilinca discovered a vibrant online writing community, building hundreds of online fans before her book deal. Follow this link to read more of her work at Wattpad.

Wattpad’s Nina Lassam explained why she nominated Ilinca:  “I’d like to recommend Diana, a young author whose debut book is being published Spring 2011 by Champagne Books. To celebrate, Diana has created a companion novel that is only available on Wattpad.”

Welcome to eBookNewser’s Digital Writer Spotlight. We’ve launched this feature to recognize the established and emerging voices within these communities. On a regular basis, we will feature hand-picked reading recommendations from community leaders at writing sites–see all the writers at our Best Online Fiction Writers directory. If you want to nominate a writing community, email eBookNewser with your recommendation.

Here is a brief excerpt from Nahtaia: A Faery’s Tale, Ilinca’s exclusive eBook for her Wattpad readers.

“Oh, Lord in Heaven,” he moaned, dropping his face into his palms. “I was concerned about the dog you turned into a pig, but this?”

“Hey, that wretched animal nipped my wings! I had every right–”

“–you shouldn’t be in human territory in the first place! Just because you can use magic of such sorts does not give you the right to! Nahtaia, you…” he trailed off.

After taking in a deep breath he continued. “Nahtaia, your assignment was to keep watch over the forest’s edge, not go exploring into the neighboring farms. You know how much the humans detest faeries.”

Nahtaia’s wings flinched. That was not all true but she couldn’t very well tell the Minister that. He’d stare the truth out of her in a matter of seconds and everyone knew what happened to faeries that wandered too far into human territory. Banishment.