Designing Flat Panel TVs to Be So Dang Sexy


This writer was house sitting this week for friends with a very fancy house. Just brand new everything, all very shiny. In one of the bedrooms, they had a big flat screen television hanging on the wall, attached to a metallic arm, so you could swivel it and have it point in any direction. Because we’re tech geeks around here, we took a look at the back of the thing and said these very words, “Man, these things are just incredible. It’s amazing how much they’re able to pack into such a thin little thing like this.” Well, lo and behold, here comes this story from Time Magazine about the designers of fancy flat screen tvs, in particular, the ones who work for Sharp. In large part, it’s all about the company, how they decided to move into a market and attempt to start being considered a player in the consumer world, as well as how they went about getting into the design war of “thinner, lighter, cleaner LCDs” and how they’re trying to set themselves apart. Sure, it’s a little suspect that this “ain’t Sharp great?” story just happens to appear in the thick of a season where probably a lot of people are buying flat screen tvs, but what can you do? It’s an interesting read and we’ll leave it at that.