DCRTV Down But Not Out

FishbowlDC has long had a  love/hate relationship with DCRTV…okay, maybe it’s heavy on the hate sometimes but we don’t actually harbor any hard feelings for the website or its founder, Dave Hughes.  That’s why we’re disheartened to report that DCRTV.com had a stroke of bad luck and has been offline since Thursday.  According to Hughes, his site is getting hit with “a denial-of-service attack.”  If you’re like us, you have no clue what that means but we’re guessing it has something to do with Weiners and hackers.  In any case, it doesn’t sound good (unless you’re into that).

In short, fans and frenemies of DCRTV fear not.  Dave is alive, well and will be back to his wicked ways soon enough. Until then, check him out on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube (his video update from today below).

Get well soon, DCRTV.