David Zinczenko Cannot Juggle Chainsaws and Chickens

DZShot07.jpgWe caught up with Rodale’s jack-of-all-abs David Zinczenko for a So What Do You Do? interview running next Wednesday, but a couple parts were too good to keep to ourselves, so we’re giving you a sneak peek.

On his multiple jobs as editor-in-chief of Men’s Health and editorial director of Best Life and Women’s Health: “I’m not one of those jugglers who tries to throw a chainsaw, a bowling ball, and a live chicken, but it’s more like juggling gold nuggets. They are heavy but uniform size and incredibly valuable to the readers and the company.”

On the Opening Ceremony of the recent Olympics (he was in the audience): “I think it’s a powerful demonstration of what a massive population with a central government can accomplish with but I still prefer the individualistic accomplishments that you see on the sports fields, the volleyball courts, and the running tracks.”

On the need for Men’s Health Living: “A lot of guys turn to Ikea catalogs when they look for new information and we aim to change that but after this next issue coming out in December, we’re not making any promises.”

As for whether he still thinks “fit is the new rich,” well, you’ll just have to wait until next Wednesday.