David Patrick Columbia: Why Shouldn’t The Media Questioners Be Asked About Their Affairs?


Our favorite social chronicler and the editor of Quest magazine, David Patrick Columbia — a man of strong political opinions — is sick of all the hypocrisy surrounding the questions that the press corps are presently asking the new Governor regarding his private sexual life. From NYSocialDiary:

”I bought a new TV. It arrived yesterday. I turned it on just to look at the picture. Someone was interviewing the new Governor of New York, David Paterson. They were asking him about his extra-marital affairs. When, how many, etc.? Really.

”I couldn’t help wondering why then shouldn’t the questioners be asked about their affairs? I mean, fair’s fair, let’s hear it from them: How many, when? Oh come now, don’t tell me you never …

”Why then shouldn’t we all tell. Tell everyone publicly how many times we’ve ‘fooled around’ or kept a mistress or had a lover, and cheated and lied; and who, where, when, what, why?”

Immediately thereafter, DPC launches into an historical lesson about, of all people, J. Pierpont Morgan and John D. Rockefeller I. Both men contributed greatly to American life, Columbia argues, but in today’s toxic media environment they most probably would have eschewed operating in the public sphere. Something to think about, perhaps, is how many would-be great men and women are being turned off of the idea of public service because of the intimate knowledge the press has only recently started to demand of its leaders.

(image via festivalofthinkers)