David Gregory: ‘Imagine if we Didn’t Have Newspapers’

Nick Clooney, Betsy Fischer and David Gregory

A scene from “State of PLay”

Earlier this week, American University alumni David Gregory and Betsy Fischer – host and executive producer of NBC’s “Meet the Press” – joined Newseum and American University journalist-in-residence Nick Clooney to screen and discuss Kevin Macdonald’s 2009 political thriller “State of Play.”

The film stars Russell Crowe, Rachel McAdams, Ben Affleck, and Helen Mirren.

Gregory put a major plug in for old school news reporting on Monday evening at the Newseum. He said tension between Crowe’s tough investigative reporter and McAdam’s happy-go-lucky blogger represents a very real tension between the mainstream news media and new media. “There is a culture with new media,” he said. “I get that the term ‘mainstream media’ conveys being a part of ‘the establishment,’ but imagine if we didn’t have newspapers. Where would all the content (aggregated by new media) come from?”

Fischer, who said she consumes most news online, said that new media brings us a new level of access, but, “there are no editors, no one doing the fact checking. You need someone asking those tough questions to make sure you have the facts.”

A special note of thanks to Maggie Barrett for the content of this story.