Dancing With The Stars Beats Idol, Stands Atop Weekly Ratings

As the calendar moves to May, that means it’s the final weeks of TV’s regular season. To put it another way, time is drawing near until the season finales for ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and Fox’s American Idol.

The real competition has been in the ratings between the two shows. In the weekly New York prime time numbers, according to Nielsen, it’s Dancing that won the week. The Monday night, two-hour performances had an estimated 1.4 million WABC viewers with a 7.3 rating.

Dancing held its audience for the Tuesday elimination program, with a number-two translating to 1.2 million viewers and a 6.2.

At Fox, Idol “struggled” to the next two slots for the week. It’s two-hour singing showcase came in third with 1.1 million viewers tuned to WNYW and a 5.7. The results show had a shade under 1.1 million people watching and a 5.6.

More from the Top 10 after the jump

  • Fifth                      The Big Bang Theory   WCBS      (858,000/4.4)
  • Sixth                            60 Minutes               WCBS      (819,000/4.2)
  • Seventh                20/20  Special             WABC     (798,000/4.1)
  • Eighth                            Glee                         WNYW    (766,000/3.9)
  • Ninth                  The Good Wife                WCBS     (733,000/3.8)
  • *Tenth            Person of Interest           WCBS     (707,000/3.6)
  • *Tenth                       NCIS                           WCBS     (701,000/3.6)
  • *Tenth                 Blue Blood                     WCBS     (700,000/3.6)


MSG Network, thanks to the Rangers Game 7 in their first round playoff series, made a rare appearance in the Top 30. The number 15 showing had 645,000 fans tuned in with a 3.3 rating.

WNBC had only three programs in the Top 30, and none before number 25. Celebrity Apprentice was the highest rated for the network in New York with 529,000 Channel 4 viewers and a 2.7 rating.