Dan Cox: ‘Where Is This Coming From?’

arnold.jpgDan Cox, the director of Running With Arnold, the controversial Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary that Alec Baldwin doesn’t want you to see (or at least, see him in) is pissed.

He’s pissed at Baldwin who is asking that his name and voice-over work be pulled from the movie. He’s pissed at his producer, Mike Gabrawy. And he’s none-too-pleased with his investor, Gregory M. Abrams (who is being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly as we type).

Cox told FBLA he isn’t that worried about Baldwin taking legal action: We feel we’re in a very strong position. The question is contractual.
We felt like we had essentially ratified a contract without an actual signature. This is possible in these kinds of deals. We assume there is no way he’s going to be able to do anything about that.”

What does get his dander up is Baldwin’s concern that the film contains too much Nazi imagery.

“That’s idiotic. All the narration talks about it. It wasn’t like we had him record only one word at a time and then strung together these sentences.”

In other words, Baldwin knew what he was saying, and should have probably known that when you say the word “Nazis,” the images on the screen likely will be of, well, Nazis. To wit, here are some excerpts of Baldwin’s script:

“Then just when it looked like things couldn’t get any worse Peter Jennings came out with a story about Schwarzenegger’s alleged admiration of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.”

“But Arnold was hiding something and through careful manipulation of the media he was able to diffuse the situation. In the early 90s, the Austrian reached deep into his pockets and pulled out 1.5 million dollars for the Simon Wiesenthal Center. It turned out that Arnold wasn’t the only member of his family who admired the former Nazi leader.”

Here, we cut to Wendy Leigh talking about her discovery of Arnold’s father’s past.
He was a storm trooper in the Nazi SS.

Different material. More on Arnold and the political rise.
There is a clip attached to the next paragraph of a fascist rally somewhere in Italy or Germany in the 1930s.

“Well, for one thing, the rise of fascism in Europe couldn’t have happened without the support of big business.”

“In the 1970s, Arnold met his fairy tale princess, Maria Shriver, at a tennis tournament in Massachusetts and quickly fell in love. Shriver was as close to American royalty as Arnold could get. She was a niece to former President John F. Kennedy. Heir of Camelot. It was the beginning of an unusual romance that left many scratching their heads. In the mid 1980’s, Arnold brought Maria back to his hometown where he had a surprise for her.

“She accepted and Arnold and Maria were married in 1986 on Martha’s Vineyard. The star-studded guest list included Kurt Waldheim, former UN secretary general and president of Austria. Waldheim, however, was not allowed into the United States to attend the nuptials because he had been outed a year earlier as a Nazi war criminal.”