Daily Caller’s Treach: ‘I’ve now been crippled for one full year’

The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher (a.k.a. Sean Medlock) brings us a story about the events leading up to his getting struck by a car in February 2010. To name a few: He blogged about pandas and about some then-TV personality named Keith Olbermann. Then he got whacked by a State Department SUV.

He writes, “Yes, I do have a lawyer. No, I don’t plan to let the people who did this to me get away with it.”

The story is a bit heartbreaking. Read here.

An excerpt:

I’d been walking to work for the previous month, so I’d gotten used to seeing drivers edging into the crosswalk as pedestrians crossed. “Come on, move,” they seemed to say. “I’m more important than you. I have a car, you’re on foot. Get out of the way, loser.” So, as I crossed M Street at the intersection of 22nd Street — crossing with the Walk light and inside the crosswalk — and as the oncoming SUV made an illegal left turn and came right at me, I figured the driver was just trying to nudge me along. Alright, okay, I thought. I’m goin’, I’m goin’, just give me a second.

But the SUV didn’t stop. As it bore down on me, I remember saying something like, “No, stop! Are you really doing this?” As if reasoning with it would somehow help. Then I had a headlight right in my face. Then the SUV slammed into me and I flew back. I landed in the street, skidding on my face. My glasses flew off, which was my main concern in the split second before I knew something was really wrong with my knee. Oh great, I’m gonna need new glasses!