CQ Roll Call Wins But Graphic Artist Breaks Finger

CQ Roll Call and NJ battled it out today in a game of Capture the Flag to raise $10,000 for Heart Truth. CQ Roll Call won against NJ 2-0 and then played congressional staffers in the championship and beat them 1-0. Redskins’ Lorenzo Alexander joined CQ Roll Call‘s team for the first game, Redskins’ Chris Cooley played for NJ (and we hear talked quite a bit of smack while on the sidelines).

But the game came with a cost.

CQ Roll Call‘s graphic artist Chris Tepler broke his finger. Technically it’s a compound fracture. At first, he thought it was just dislocated and asked Cooley if he could help put it back in place. After one glance, Cooley declined, saying he needed actual medical attention.

Update #1: See the trophy…

Update #2: See the broken finger… X-ray expected shortly.

Update #3: See the X-ray…