Psst…CQ Roll Call Reporters in PJ’s?

As many news outlets are looking to cut costs these days, try this on for size. CQ Roll Call execs are floating an idea of eliminating or renting out some of its work space and allowing reporters to work remotely. Each floor of their two-floor office space at 77 K St. near Union Station, is approximately 31,000 square feet. They used to occupy the 7th, 8th and part of the 9th floors of the building, but last year moved the 9th floor employees down a floor. Read more about the building here. Word around the office is that the move could save a healthy chunk of change that could amount to a few million. The idea was among the hot topics of conversation at the Washington Press Club Foundation Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental earlier in the week.

CQ Roll Callers hanging out and filing stories in pajamas! We like it. And besides, sure beats layoffs.

The outlet is owned by The Economist Group. A CQ Roll Call publicist remarked to FishbowlDC…“CQ Roll Call is always exploring options to best support its employees and improve their quality of life, such as our current policies which allow flexible work schedules and telecommuting. As part of a global organization with digital infrastructure in place, our strategy allows us to expand our talent in and outside of Washington, D.C. Rather than confine employees to a specific location, we believe in a diversified workforce, and in that light, reducing and subleasing a portion of our office space is an option we are exploring.” –