Covering Fashion Week: You’ve Got the Look, and the Blog, and the Twitter

fashion-week.jpgSo, we just remembered it’s Fashion Week here in New York. What a relief after all this “Palinating.” No need to go to the tents even, since it appears everyone seems to have everything covered from every angle possible. As per usual, NYMag’s got the Fug Girls on the case, along with videos by Jeremy Kost, Fashionista is blogging the tents, refinery29 is, as usual, giving a run for its money. And on the new, new media front not only is FBNY twittering from the tents, UnBeige is also stylin‘, so to speak, as is is twittering.

Also, let us draw your attention to the trio has managed to dispatch to the shows: Joel Stein, fashion scribe Kate Betts, and renaissance man Isaac Mizrahi (anyone with even a shred of interest in fashion who hasn’t already done so should immediately netflix Unzipped). Per Stein:

Here’s what I learned: I should have become a fashion reporter. Other than Kevin Bacon (dude, it’s 2008, drop the fauxhawk) and David Schwimmer, there were no straight dudes there. And no women under 5’10”. And it looks easy to make conversation. Like, “Hey did you see the guy with tinkertoys on his head?