Corona Labs launches Corona Cloud for mobile developers

CoronaLabs-Flatlogo-URL copyToday, Corona Labs launched Corona Cloud, a suite of cloud services partnered with the Corona SDK for mobile development.

The new backend as a service is open to anyone to use, but it’s designed to be extra appealing to those already using Corona SDK. Corona Cloud provides a number of back-end features that would normally require developers to implement via multiple third-party toolsets, greatly lowering the time requirement necessary to implement things like multi-player support, chat functionality, push notifications, analytics and leaderboards/achievements. Additionally, the service features integration with Twitter and Facebook, so developers can access users’ various social graphs.

“Even for the basic things like leaderboards and achievements and basic user account management, we’re making that work across platforms like both iOS and Android,” Corona CEO Walter Luh tells us. “They’ll be able to work seamlessly.”

As a result, Luh hopes Corona SDK and Corona Cloud will make developers more efficient. “We want to make people ten times more productive,” he says.

Corona Cloud is available to all mobile developers, but it’s designed to provide those studios using Corona SDK with even faster development due to the implementation of the integration of Corona Cloud with the existing platform.

Corona Labs was founded five years ago. Prior to that, Luh had worked at Adobe on Illustrator and at Apple on the Final Cut Pro team. Corona SDK, meanwhile, is a toolset designed for the development of native mobile apps that’s been used for some popular mobile games. Some of the more notable titles created with the software includes Bubble Ball, Major Magnet and last spring’s Lorax movie tie-in mobile game.

Luh tells us Corona Cloud’s pricing is actually divided into a set of tiers, including a free option that is designed to help fledgling developers get their app launched as inexpensively as possible. Certain features will be free for everyone who uses Corona Cloud, like unlimited user accounts, leaderboards and achievements. Additional features will feature what Luh calls a “free up to a limit” mode. This way, small developers can implement the technology at no cost into their games, but will need to start paying based on API calls.

To learn more about Corona Labs or the new Corona Cloud, visit the official site here.