Cop-Punching Reporter: “I Want The Governor!”


The Philly-anchorwoman-punching-out-the-cop story just keeps getting better and better. Alycia Lane, pictured above with boyfriend Chris Booker of Philadelphia radio station Q102, has dug herself into a deep hole of WTF…

You see, one of the first things she tried to do after being arrested was call the governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell. Except she didn’t have his cell-phone number. But she found it… and called the governor. The funny thing? Rendell’s spokesperson, Chuck Ardo said that she did it to:

“Make sure he knew her side of the story because he is an opinion-maker and runs around in influential circles.”

And we all know what that means, kids. Backdoor shenanigans supreme. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Metro got their hands on the criminal complaint against Lane in all its uncensored glory. Do you wanna see all the F-bombs? We know you do.

Meanwhile, both the New York and Philly press are going nuts over the story and Lane’s been put on an early vacation with station KYW refusing to say when she’ll be back on the air. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, “station management is taking a wait-and-see approach.”

For more, we’d recommend checking out blog Philadelphia Will Do, who seem to be on 100% Alycia Lane coverage at the moment… as well they should be. After all, everyone needs a good pre-Xmas scandal.

(Image via Philadelphia Daily News)