Converse Supports Fan Fighting Cancer With #SneakersForSarah

A truly personal campaign from the sneaker giant.

In my three years writing for PRNewser, I’ve covered many-a-story about brands interacting with their customers and fans — sometimes in epic fashion, sometimes without a shred of tact. My favorite stories to write about, however, are those in which companies or brands use their considerable power for good — by making a tangible difference in the world, a community, or even for a single person.

In this case, the company to do just that was Converse, and the person positively affected by the brand’s outreach was my lifelong friend Sarah, who is currently battling a hereditary form of stomach cancer.

As such, this post is written from a more personal perspective than most I’ve published here.

A few things have always been evident to all those who know and love Sarah, including her grace, tenacity, positivity, faith, strength, and radiating warmth and beauty. It’s also been impossible to miss her love for Converse Chuck Taylors, which she’s proudly worn as long as I can remember.

When Sarah began her fight, her friends and family from near and far organized a plan to let her know that we were in her corner by taking photos of ourselves wearing Converse sneakers and tagging her on Facebook with the hashtags #SneakersForSarah and #ChuckCancer. During the many months since the hashtags were born, countless photos and messages of love, support, and admiration have been sent Sarah’s way.

Here’s one:

Recently, a few of her friends and relatives reached out to Converse to let the company know how their product had become a symbol of love and of Sarah’s remarkable bravery. In response, representatives from the company contacted Sarah’s immediate family, expressing that Sarah’s story inspired them, and that they would like to do something for her.

The company created two pairs of custom sneakers for Sarah and delivered them to her last week at the hospital where she is currently receiving care.


The Converse team also shared the below photo (taken by a friend of Sarah’s) on their social media with the following message:


Many thousands of people liked the photo on Facebook, and Sarah herself commented that the brand’s actions “meant the world” to her.

By supporting my remarkably brave, graceful, loving, and beautiful friend Sarah, and by sharing her story with all of its followers, Converse is helping to spread awareness of the disease she is battling, and also bringing her light, love, and inspiration into countless lives.

I’ve never had the opportunity (or reason) to write a personal post here on PRNewser, but I am honored to call myself Sarah’s friend and to have this chance to share this part of her story. I’ve also never spoken directly to a brand through my writing, but I am glad to have this opportunity to express to Converse my gratitude for showing remarkable kindness to a truly remarkable person.

Thank you.

At Sarah’s request, below are two places you can go to learn more about this type of hereditary stomach cancer:

No Stomach For Cancer

Debbie’s Dream Foundation

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