Controversial Golfweek Editor Fired


…Over magazine cover of epic stupidity.

The picture you see above is the cover of Golfweek, which shows a noose set against a purple sky. The cover was in response to the Kelly Tighman scandal.

The editor responsible for the cover, Dave Seanor, has just been fired. Seanor was the vice president and editor of the publication before his termination.

In the hours before his firing, Seanor faced massive criticism. He was harshly criticized by PGA head Tim Finchem, who called the cover something that “smacks of tabloid journalism” and “a naked attempt to inflame and keep alive an incident that was heading to an appropriate conclusion.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked readers if Seanor was doing sports journalism a disservice. ESPN’s Jason Sobel says the cover image is classless.

For the record, we agree.

So is Dave Seanor merely the magazine world’s Larry David or something worse? Let us know.