How Consumers Interact With Brands On Twitter And Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has revolutionized the way that brands interact and engage with customers (actual and prospective). Vitally, it’s now very much a two-way relationship – for the first time in history the consumer, free to choose who they wish to be marketed from (and how), holds most of the cards.

In the often fleeting Like/Unlike, Follow/Unfollow world of social networking, brands must work harder than ever to capture – and, critically, maintain – customer attention and loyalty. Steer too far from the promised path, consistently fail to ship on time or fall short on delivering outstanding customer support, and those hard-earned relationships can be severed in mere moments.

Earlier this year eCircle (in partnership with Mediacom Science) commissioned the first European Social Media and Email Marketing Study, surveying 5,000 European consumers to reveal how they interact with brands via social media and email.

Key takeaways:

  • Twitter has the highest sharing rate of branded messages and content (18%)
  • 32% of those active on social networks are ‘fans, follow or like’ a brand
  • On average, each shared message reaches 77 friends

(Source: eCircle. Top image credit: Ilin Sergey via Shutterstock.)