ComScore: 51% Plan to Buy a BlackBerry, 20% iPhone, Windows Mobile & Pre Not in the Race

T-Mobile’s myTouch 3G didn’t seem to dent the US smartphone market much when it was introduced in August. But, the
Droid certainly did. And, if ComScore’s data is to be believed, the myTouch 3G did a lot better than I thought…

Android: Crashing the Smartphone Party

ComScore’s first table in this press release shows that iPhone and Android phone users use a lot more wireless data services (media, email, browsing, social networking) than other smartphone platforms. This doesn’t really surprise me. The data in the second table is not exactly surprising either, but it present some very interesting data for those of us interested in how various platforms are perceived by potential customers. The second table presents results to the question: Which phone to you plan to buy in the next 3 months? The data represents the answers of the 2300 people surveyed.

If you combine all the various BlackBerry models in the table, RIM will capture 51% of the purchases of the people participating in this survey. Apple is a distance second with 20% saying they plan to buy an iPhone 3G or 3GS. Android are a close third with 17% saying they plan to buy an Android phone. Palm Pre and the AT&T Tilt (the lone Windows Mobile device in the list) are tied for a distant 4th place finish.