Compostmodern Kicks Off


We were told there was no wireless here in Morgan Auditorium at the Academy of Art but it seems the sustainability gods are providing a miraculous mystery connection, at least for the moment. So, welcome, welcome to Compostmodern, a one-day conference on design and sustainability in San Francisco. That’s Laura Shore from Mohawk and AIGA’s national board talking about some of AIGA’s sustainable policies to open the show.

Already it feels a bit different—all the conference materials (corn and paper, mostly) are compostable, and advisers stationed at various recycling receptacles can counsel you on how to deconstruct the cafe-bought coffee cup you brought in. Also: no water bottles, no swag bags (yay!), and not even any name badges for the participants.

The conference–and a rather major announcement scheduled for this afternoon–has already garnered some buzz. We told you about Allison Arieff‘s post discussing the Designers Accord (the “Kyoto Treaty for design”), and Jessie Scanlon has written a great piece for BusinessWeek, “A New Model for Green Design” that talks to IDEO’s Valerie Casey, Allan Chochinov of Core77 and Ric Grefé from AIGA about why designers had to take charge.