CNN’ Henry-Velshi Bromance Reignites


When the cat’s away the mice – in this case the mice being CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry and Chief Business Correspondent Ali Velshi – will play. CNN’s Candy Crowley was off on Sunday’s “State of the Union.” Henry filled in and, not surprisingly, welcomed his buddy, Velshi, on for a segment.

Henry and Velshi have been known to horse around on air. The two happily married broadcast journos have a clear bro-mantic affection for each other.

HENRY: When Candy gave me the keys to the show, I thought I’d have a little fun. Do we call it, is this the Ali Velshi segment or is it Bromance Weekend Edition?

VELSHI: You must have won a bet or something. Normally I’m watching this after waking up from a drooling sleep. It’s like a bit of a dream being here today.

Henry and Velshi moved into serious chatter about positive economic news, but eventually returned to their bromance.

HENRY: I sort of like this power shift where I’m the anchor and you’re the reporter.

VELSHI: As long as we’re hanging out together, any way you want to do it.


Watch the segment here.