‘Clash of the Geeks’ Is New Charity eBook

Actor John Scalzi and author Wil Wheaton have launched a charity eBook. The eBook from Subterranean Press includes a number of short stories of which are based on the above image.

The book is technically free, but people can make donations to the Lupus Alliance of America to help the cause. As of yesterday morning when the eBook was released, it had already raised $3,000.

The LA Times has more: “They invited those readers to contribute to “Clash of the Geeks” in a writing contest, getting hundreds of submissions about the picture. “We were originally supposed to have just one winner, but when it came down to it we couldn’t decide between the final two (by Bernadette Durbin and Scott Mattes),” Scalzi wrote. “Then we realized we didn’t have to choose between them, and picked them both.”