Citysearch Shuts Down Editorial Operations, Editor Hunts for New Job

Citysearch is shuttering. Here’s the email from Editor Lauren Sloat, who, by the way, is searching for a new position and says so in her farewell letter. CityGrid Media, Citysearch’s parent company, is shutting all its editorial operations nationwide and changing into a freelance network. What this means, says Sloat: “No more local editors.” Sloat is based in D.C. Citysearch had a D.C. page. Check that out here.

Read Sloat’s e-mail after the jump…

Subject: Citysearch Announcement

To everyone I’ve worked with over the past year—

It has been a pleasure to get to know each of you through my role as D.C. editor of Citysearch. I wanted to share the news that yesterday our parent company, CityGrid Media, announced unexpectedly that effective immediately they are shuttering editorial operations (as they currently stand) across the country. will soon automate the ingestion and display of content from their network of CityGrid publisher partners.  As such, they will be evolving Citysearch in-market editorial operations to a local freelance network model. What this means: No more local editors.

I’m already on the hunt for a new editorial position, so please stay in touch with story ideas. I will also continue my freelance career, so please keep me in mind! I may continue to do some freelance work for Citysearch as well. In the meantime, my personal email, phone and Twitter handle are below—I hope you’ll keep in contact as I transition into what’s next.

Cheers and thanks to all of you.