Chris March on Costumes, Couture, and What Fashion Designers Have in Common with Architects

Fashion and costume designer Chris March started sewing at age nine and has long been fascinated by garment construction, but what are the origins of his over-the-top aesthetic? “My mother was on Let’s Make a Deal,” the Project Runway alum and Mad Fashion star tells us in this final installment of our three-part Media Beat interview. The wacky game show proved to be a potent source of inspiration for the young March. “And so I was always fascinated by Let’s Make a Deal and all the people in their costumes,” he says. “The bigger and crazier ones always got more attention.” Click below to hear more about March’s career development, whether you can expect to see his name on a fast-fashion line anytime soon, and what he has in common with I.M. Pei.

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