Chelsea Art Museum Cancels ‘Terror’ Show, Curator Resigns


Some uproar in the NY museum world that might blossom into a larger story once it catches some wind. Artist Josh Azzarella reported on his blog that an exhibit he was scheduled to be a part of at the Chelsea Art Museum in November called “The Aesthetics of Terror” has been cancelled after the museum’s president, Dorothea Keeser, believed that the show “glorified terrorism and showed disrespect for its victims.” After two years of prep work on the exhibit, this left no one too happy, and went so far as to result in the Chelsea’s chief curator, Manon Slome, to resign. Now the artists are hunting for a new place to host the exhibit. The museum has taken down any notice of it now on the site, but by way of Eyeteeth, we found this cache of the original listing, if you’re interested in what was so controversial.

The thing we’re most confused about is how the Chelsea is still open? Weren’t they facing foreclosure back in January?