Chef Quest Turns up the Heat on Facebook Cooking Games

Funtank has launched its latest Facebook game post-Publishers Clearing House acquisition, a “social cooking adventure” called Chef Quest.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Chef Quest currently has 108 monthly active users and 16 daily active users.

In Chef Quest, players travel around the globe on a mission to become the planet’s greatest culinary master. In order to do so, they pass challenges set out by seven master chefs, which require them to cook new dishes and build their cache of recipes. The 140 dishes available in-game hail from major regions including the U.S., Japan, Italy, and France.

Players accept challenges from the master chefs and then must cook the dishes they desire. Doing so requires having the right ingredients and completing a series of mini-games. The latter include the likes of chopping, boiling, and sauteing, and can be quite elaborate, depending on the dish. These games involve clicking buttons at the right time, making motions with the mouse pointer, moving the mouse side to side, and other actions. Each step of the cooking process requires energy to complete. If the player runs out of energy, they must wait for the gauge to refill before proceeding, or purchase energy items from the game’s store. It’s possible to fail at the dish, but succeeding rewards players with coins and experience points. After dishes have been prepared, players can add garnishes to them for additional experience points.

Ingredients must be purchased using coins, which serve as the game’s soft currency. Players can collect special items, such as candlesticks, and combine them with dishes they prepare in order to create banquets which can be exchanged for Cook Bucks, the game’s premium currency. Players can also change the appearance of their chef avatars, using purchased items, and customize their home kitchens with new appliances, cookware, and other trimmings.

Social features including adding friends and bragging about accomplishments via viral channels, sharing experience points when leveling up, and asking friends to provide components that players need in order to complete banquet collections. Players can also invite their friends to “taste” their dishes, with both sides receiving rewards if they accept.

Chef Quest is monetized through the use of Facebook Credits to purchase Cook Bucks and coins. Cook Bucks cab be exchanged for energy refills and various premium deco items, as well as new clothing and looks for the player’s avatar. Many ingredients can be purchased using the soft currency, coins. Items used for completing banquet collections must be earned by players or requested from their friends. Dishes must be made by players for inclusion in collections and can’t be bought or requested.

You can follow Chef Quest’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.