Chanel Launch Party Finds Lindsay Lohan Fully Recovered


FBLA ran down Sunset to the Chateau Marmont, where the Chanel Les Exclusifs de Chanel launch party was held. All the real stars were there or had been by the time we arrived. We can report that Lindsay Lohan is mighty spry for a girl who’s just had appendicitis.

Luckily, our pal Steven, over at the WoW Report, got the full experience:

Cameron Diaz was spotted across the room in a ’60s mini dress (gorgeous legs!), gesticulating wildly and hugging a fat man. Fat man turned out to be Harvey Weinstein–it was funny to see Diaz swishing her tail like a show-pony for her next meal ticket.

Steve also told us that, despite the stinkiness of the Chanel perfumes, the guests were waltzing out with every gift bag that wasn’t nailed down. “People were tossing coats aside, and grabbing the bags underneath.” he said. He also pointed out that Rachel Zoe had changed clothes between parties, and thrown on a whole pile of Chanel bijoux. We figure she got changed in the car.

Curiously, no paparrazi were hanging around. FBLA thinks it was really nice of W to have their party on the same night, so that Chanel could entertain the A-list without disruption. We’re trusting that Chanel will return the favor by buying lots of ad space.

(photo: Steven Corfe)