CBGB Opens Again, Under Different Name(s)


Meant to post this the other day, but something must have side-tracked us along the way (as you know, we are all but helpless when we see shiny things). It’s the news of what’s finally to take over the old CBGB space in NY. Turns out, it isn’t going to be completely erased and redeveloped as a Bank of America branch, which is what usually happens when property becomes available. Instead, the bar is going to become a John Varvatos store and the CB gallery is being bought out by the Morrison Hotel Galley, which sells music-related art prints. Both openings will, of course, be far nicer than CBGB ever was, but will likely retain just as many tourists. Here’s a bit:

…the Morrison Hotel Gallery, which sells fine-art prints of classic rock photographs, will open a location in that space on March 27, with a plan to preserve some of the original, grungy GBGB decor, including bathroom graffiti and fliers that had been buried in an inner wall. The work of Steve Joester, who chronicled 1970s British punks, will be the first exhibition.

And if you’re needing more, here’s going back to our 2006 visitation to the shuttered club.