An NYT ‘Weddings’ Column for the Ages

Here come the brides.

BrentwoodCountryClubAbout the only thing missing from Jamie Diamond’s epic backgrounder on the Dec. 5 Los Angeles wedding of comedienne Carol Leifer and real estate whiz Lori Wolf is a mention that the date coincided with the birthday of Margaret Cho, another West Coast funny lady with a personal path similar to the one trodden by Leifer. Otherwise, the article covered it, thanks to the frank and heartfelt comments of the two brides, together with the compelling details of how Leifer went from being married to a man in the 1980s to wedding a woman in the 2010s.

And, like any memorable wedding celebration, this is one of those articles where every detail feels just right. From the headline (“Carol Leifer Proves You Don’t Have to Be Unhappy to Be Funny”) to the lede (‘The expectations were zero.’) to the keen relationship insights provided by Jay Leno.

The former Tonight Show host was one of a number of famous comedians in attendance at the Brentwood Country Club for the ceremony and reception. Others included Larry David, Bill Maher, Jane Lynch, Paul Reiser and Garry Shandling. (Twitter lit up over the weekend about a correction to the piece indicating that Diamond initially referred to Shandling as Larry Sanders. We’re guessing Shandling is going to take that as a top-shelf compliment.)

Another great touch here is the down-the-aisle photo crowning the New York Times article, taken by J. Emilio Flores. Congrats to the bride and bride!

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