Career Consultant: ‘Somebody Can’t Help You To Do ‘Anything”

tonia_mattu.jpgTonia Mattu is a consultant with Mercury Group working with professionals in career transition. She spoke at our Career Circus earlier this month, but y’all can always use more job advice, right? So we caught up with her again.

Here’s what Tonia had to say about branding, online networking, and the all-important elevator pitch.

On getting your brand out there, even if your “brand” is just your first and last name: “Keep it consistent.” So your domain should be the same as your display name on your e-mail and on your linkedin. You shouldn’t be but have your e-mail say “John Q. Smith” and your LinkedIn say “J Smith.”

On LinkedIn: “It’s an opportunity to develop your weak ties and search for companies you’re interested in. [But] I’m old fashioned. I pick up the phone, make a list of the top 10 companies I’m interested in and start talking. You make a much better impression in person than online.”

On being noticed: “Whatever is going to come natural to you, do that.” If it feels right to send a clever gift (the Coffee Cup Caper) or to courier your resume straight to the hiring manager’s office, by all means, go for it, but if it feels fake, it’ll come across as fake.

On having an elevator pitch aka a Positioning Statement: “‘I’m good at anything’ is no good. People like to be asked for help. Articulate what you want to be doing. Somebody can’t help you to do ‘anything.””

Final note: “Have belief that as long as you commit to your goal and take risks and be okay with uncertainty, you will succeed.”