Caption Contest Winners: O’Reilly & Geraldo Take In A Ballgame


We reported, and now you’ve decided:

  • O’Reilly and Keith Hernandez enjoy a rare night off-air
  • “Hey Jetah, I got your spin zone right heeyah”
  • “The Mets shaved their heads: Is it team unity or are they secretly part of the Aryan Nation? On the next ‘Geraldo at Large'”
  • “Bill, beers are on you, right? I’ll have two”
  • “Oh for Christ’s sake, this Geraldo won’t shut up. I’d rather be sitting next to Olbermann”
  • “Jose, Jose-Jose-Jose …”
  • O’Reilly: “Posada bats from both the left and the right? Make up your mind you flip-flopper”
  • “You’re telling me that you think Melky Cabrera is in this country legally? Oh, c’mon now Geraldo”
  • “That David Wright sure is dreamy”
  • “Kill the ump! Then, tell his family he died a war hero”
  • Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld’s seats, bought on Stubhub
  • They came for Rudy; they’ll stay for Johnny Damon

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