C-SPAN Launches Foursquare Presence

foursquare.jpg C-SPAN is on the move, in more ways than one.

Most recently we brought you news of the new C-SPAN Digital Bus. Well now that bus is going to be brought to viewers via Foursquare, checking in from communities around the country.

C-SPAN on Foursquare also means reporters (and tourists) can check in at hot spots around the nation’s Capitol.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean we’ll learn where C-SPAN CEO and Founder Brian Lamb is at any moment in the day.

What it does mean: Here in Washington, people can use it as a tool to find out what events are going on in politics (confirmation hearings, WHCA dinner, and important things like the Federal Budget arriving at the Capitol). The plan is to expand beyond the Beltway.

As explained to FishbowlDC, for people checking in on Foursquare, there will be “educational tips” at prominent places in politics/policy/government. The Capitol. The Supreme Court. The White House. …If people who use foursquare check in from, say, the Washington Monument, they’ll see a tip about the Washington Monument that C-SPAN places there. Tips will be informative about the location.

The launch happens here.