C-SPAN Hops on Foursquare Bandwagon

CSPAN062210.png Yet another television network is partnering with the hot New York-based geo-social start-up Foursquare. This time it is C-SPAN, the public service programmer.

Users that “friend” C-SPAN will receive educational and historical tips about locations in and around Washington DC. Eventually the tips will move outside the beltway.

In addition, the C-SPAN digital bus will “check-in” from across the country, adding tips of its own.

“Establishing a presence on foursquare is a natural progression for C-SPAN as we continue to embrace new and emerging online tools to advance our public service mission,” says C-SPAN co-president Rob Kennedy, who the network notes is currently C-SPAN’s Foursquare mayor. “We’ve been connecting to our audience through Twitter, Facebook, an iPhone app, embeddable video through the online C-SPAN Video Library, and even a new dedicated bit.ly URL, cs.pn. Now, foursquare gives us another new platform, providing location-based information about politics, policy, and government directly to the public. Via geo-social networking, we hope our foursquare friends will get Washington their way.”

The partnership is similar to one made with the A&E-owned channel History, which provides historical facts about locations across the country.

Users that want to receive the tips can friend C-SPAN at www.Foursquare.com/cspan.