The Latest, More Serious, Round of Buzzfeed Brews

On Monday night, Buzzfeed’s Bureau Chief John Stanton sat down with Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH). At the event, there were rumors flying that a bigger, more involved event was in the works. More involved? What, no GIFS or listicles? On Thursday, we found out the details.

On May 14 at the Liaison Hotel will be The BuzzFeed Brews Special Edition: Immigration Summit. It’s a more serious panel discussion on immigration that will be moderated by Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith.

Want more details?

Smith will break the panel into two parts, starting with a roundtable that features Mario Lopez (not the one from “Saved by the Bell”). He’s actually President of the Hispanic Leadership Fund and will be joined by Clarissa Martinez, Director of Immigration & National Campaigns for National Council of La Raza, Derrick Morgan, VP of Domestic & Economic Policy at the Heritage Foundation and Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute.

After the roundtable, they’ll switch gears and Smith will sit down with Rep. Joaquin Castro (D – Texas) and Luis G. Fortuño, former GOP Gov. of Puerto Rico.

On top of that, Jose Antonio Vargas will host a Twitter conversation on “How Can the  Internet Advance the Immigration Conversation.”

Reserve your spot here.



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