But Is There an After Party?


It’s no Fashion Week yet, but 10 days in October are shaping up to be the biggest week-and-a-half in design ever–what with the Cooper-Hewitt’s National Design Awards (Will the NDA5 attend? Will Laura Bush dare to show her face?), smack dab in the middle of the Target-sponsored Design Week extravaganza (panels and the People’s Design Awards), and followed up with AIGA’s Design Legends Gala.

It’s all fabulous, but what we really want to know is, when do we get to see all these Famous Designers getting drunk and dirty on the dance floor? The answer, friends, just arrived:

Celebrate the National Design Awards


Cocktails and a live viewing of the Awards ceremony in
the Target National Design Education Center
with DJ Michael Bierut

Legend has it Bierut used to spin at AIGA events back in the day and his record collection is quite copious. But don’t you think he needs a better DJ name? How about the Penta-Grandmaster? Design SoundServer? DJ Helvetica?