Buddy Holly’s Widow Suing Peggy Sue?


Buddy Holly may have died 50 years ago, but the women he was close to are in a legal battle royale. On one side, Buddy Holly‘s widow Maria Elena Holly. On the other side, Peggy Sue Gerron — aka Peggy Sue.

Gerron’s memoir, Whatever Happened to Peggy Sue?, is scheduled for release next week. In the book, Gerron claims that Buddy Holly promised to leave his wife for her and that she was physically abused by her husband, Crickets drummer Jerry Allison.

Because of that and other passages in the book, lawyers have reported sent Gerron and co-author Glenda Cameron cease and desist orders on Holly’s behalf. Holly is also threatening legal action. According to Mark Faulk of the small Texas press TogiEntertainment:

It’s obvious that they do not want the work released. My feeling is that Maria Elena fears the truth will come out about Buddy Holly. If there is a lawsuit, our belief is that it will be totally frivolous.”

The cease and disist order demands that Gerron cease promotion and sale of the book and cancel all book orders, as well as give refunds on deposits for the book and account for revenues from any sales.