Bruce Nussbaum In More Trouble…But This Time With the Law


Champion of innovation and sucking expert Bruce Nussbaum has been punished by a judge for comments made as a juror in a trial involving four lesbians on charges of gang assault.

We’ll repeat that, in case you missed it.

Just after being sworn in during a trial involving four lesbians on charges of gang assault, Nussbaum asked the judge if he should take necessary steps to protect his wife, if in fact this was a dangerous gang with a network that could harm jurors and their families. The judge took that as Nussbaum’s attempt to evade jury duty, and although he removed him from the jury, he ordered him to sit in the courtroom for the remainder of the trial.

It gets better:

Mr. Nussbaum, 60, said in an interview yesterday that he belonged to “a local street gang” known as Blubber’s Gang, after the leader, nicknamed Blubber, when he was growing up on Eighth Street, between Avenues C and D. “We only sort of got together defensively because other gangs were coming into our neighborhood,” he said.

Nussbaum hired a lawyer (above right, watching Nussbaum demonstrate his mad Blubber skillz) to appeal his confinement. But we’re pretty sure what the next post at his BusinessWeek blog will be: JUDGES SUCK.