“Brokeback Mountain’ for President

Judging by the new print advertising, ‘Brokeback Mountain’ isn’t an art-house film with potential crossover appeal: it’s a political campaign. In today’s NYT national edition– but not, curiously, in the New York edition, or in the LAT— a full-page ad features a widely grinning Heath Ledger with the headline ‘ONE MOVIE IS CONNECTING WITH THE HEART OF AMERICA.’ Then there’s a list of all the local critics associations which have named it ‘Best Picture’, superimposed over an outline of the contiguous 48 states of the US of A.

Wow, neither George Bush nor John Kerry could unite America, but a movie can! Four more sequels! Four more sequels!

(Ed. note: we’d show you the ad, but a dude we met on Craigslist swiped our scanner.)