Bret Baier’s With Roger Ailes: Major Garrett Never Got Addicted to TV

baier.jpeg WMAL’s “Grandy Group Show” featured FNC’s anchor of “Special Report” Bret Baier on the show today. Baier spoke on a variety of topics, including why Major Garrett left FNC for National Journal.

Baier remarked:

“I think Major has always had in his mind that he wanted to do long form print again. I’ve talked to him since and, you know, he’s excited to spend more time with his three kids. Listen, I’ve been the chief White House correspondent and it gets tiring. I think Major has tremendous stamina but I think he really longed for long-form thoughtful pieces. He’s written books. He’s written articles. He wanted to go back into that form. National Journal is investing in Washington. He feels comfortable there. We’re sad to see him go.”

On Fox News being in the front row of the White House Briefing Room…

“We will still be in the front row. Major Garrett or not. …If he wants to come on TV, something tells me that he’ll be doing stories and [will be] back as an analyst or panelist. Roger Ailes said it best. Major said he talked to our big boss Roger Ailes and Roger said, ‘You know, you were never one of the ones that got addicted to TV.’ I think he’s right. I wish Major the best.”