Breaking: Layoffs At Reader’s Digest?

RD October, 2009, newsstand only.JPGWe’ve heard that they have been doing some restructuring over at Reader’s Digest‘s Web site,, resulting in layoffs. It looks like Gawker has been hearing from the same people.

We tried to reach out to Beth Turner, the executive editor of as recently as July, but an operator at the company told us her name is no longer in the system. Not a good sign.

We have put in a call to the company, and will keep you posted as news develops. Know anything? Send us your tips via email or the anonymous tip box at right.

And in possibly related news, The New York Post reported today that the company — which recently filed for Chapter 11 — may be searching for a less expensive place to house its headquarters.

Update: A Reader’s Digest spokesman told us there were some layoffs from the digital team, two or three weeks ago, which may explain why one anonymous tipster told us Turner had been among those let go. “Sad to say, because the entire team loved her and it was a huge surprise,” our tipster said.

But we’ve been assured the layoffs were part of a realignment at the company that we have been covering for the past few weeks, which is intended to build up the Web teams at the company’s various businesses and refocusing a smaller corporate team. A dozen or so people from the corporate staff have been brought over to the other businesses, including, we’ve been told. So, in the end, the digital team at has actually grown in size, and will now be overseen by general manager Jonathan Hills.

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