BREAKING: John Solomon To Replace Pruden At The Washington Times

The Washington Times has named John F. Solomon as executive editor. He succeeds Wes Pruden, who will retire after 25 years at the paper.

Solomon hails from the Post where he’s headed the paper’s investigative reporting team. Previously, he was the Associated Press’ director of Multimedia Investigative Reporting, assistant bureau chief, news editor and reporter in Washington, DC.

Pruden will continue his column, “Pruden on Politics.”

>Is Fran Coombs upset?

>Is this hire, coupled with the Washington Times’ new marketing plan, a sign of a vastly different paper, being taken in a vastly different direction?

>MediaMatters is sure to say “no” to the above question, having written about Solomon in the past. Although, to be fair: Despite its good work from time to time, MediaMatters’ mission is to basically not like anybody.

>What does this mean for the Post’s Interactive Investigations Section? Who will do the Post’s “Things You Didn’t Know” about the candidates feature?