Seeks News-Minded Health Reporter

If you’re knowledgeable about everything from yoga to yogurt, here’s the perfect job for you. the Boston Globe is looking for a sharp health reporter who can contribute daily blog posts for, the paper’s website. Web-savvy newshounds, keep reading.

If hired, you’ll be posting stories for the health and wellness section of the blog, including news, advice and discussion pieces. You’ll also be expected to moderate comments on your posts, promote reader interaction and keep your eye on other health blogs in order to stay on top of news and trends. And yes, there will be occasional opportunities to write print articles for the paper, too.

To land the gig, you’ll need at least three years of journalism experience, including a minimum of two years reporting on health issues. Have you logged time at a website or blog? Do you know how to shoot and edit videos? Even better. If this sounds like your dream position, apply here.