Politico Avoids Bob Ney’s Book

Book? What book?

This appears to be the attitude of Politico, who hasn’t written word one on the new book out by former Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio), who served time in the big house for his criminal dealings with lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Just think of it as their own quite f–k you to Ney.

No doubt the book, Sideswiped: Lessons Learned Courtesy of the Hit Men of Capitol Hill., wasn’t a joy ride for Politico, so it’ll be surprising if Politico reporters show up to Ney’s book party tonight at the Monocle. After all, Ney devotes an entire chapter to skewering Politico‘s own John Bresnahan, a longtime Washington political reporter covering Capitol Hill. Which is probably why you didn’t see excerpts of it in this morning’s Playbook.

Even so, you’d think they’d print the criticisms and strong accusations Ney had for House Maj. Leader John Boehner, painting him as a heavy drinker and someone who allegedly promised him funding if he dropped out of his congressional race, which he did. Boehner’s office has, of course, denied the charges and accusations in Ney’s book.

Nope. To Politico, Ney is a has been. Why bother? Except that Politico always bothers with tell-all tomes. Not this time.

UPDATE: Politico finally got around to writing about Ney’s book on March 8. Uncharacteristically late for them, indeed. But to their credit, they do mention the Bresnahan chapter. In the story, Patrick Gavin quotes Editor-in-Chief John Harris as saying, “John’s reputation for toughness and journalistic integrity is universally known and respected by his colleagues at POLITICO, at competing news organizations, and among lawmakers and staffers in both parties on Capitol Hill.” It’s unclear why Harris didn’t say this two days earlier when asked about the scathing chapter on Bresnahan.