Blogging Everest?

How easy has climbing Everest become? Climbers are now blogging during the climb, that’s how.

Following the success of 2006’s Everest: Beyond The Limit series, the Discovery Channel has returned to the world’s tallest peak to document another team’s summit attempt, and this time award-winning author, filmmaker and avid mountaineer Greg Child is keeping a “real-time” blog of the climb.

Equipped with laptops, cameras and a satelite phone, Child, a regular contributor to adventure titles like Outside and Backpacker, shares anecdotes from the team’s struggles and successes, along with team progress and photos. The blogging began April 9, and in the latest entry the team has reached base camp and is prepping for the journey up, with the help of a Tibetan Buddhist blessing ceremony.

So what won’t Greg be doing? “Since Greg will be climbing, acclimatizing, reporting, writing and generally working, he won’t respond to individual comments. He will, however, take your comments into consideration as he covers the evolving story, incorporating ongoing themes and burning issues into his storytelling.”

You know what else he won’t be doing? Climbing Mount Everest:

“Back in 1995, I made a successful ascent of Everest’s North Ridge as a member of another Russell Brice expedition. I’ve still got that summit moment logged in my mind, and I can feel the emotions and trepidations of the members of the 2007 team as they zero in on the mountain. I won’t climb to the summit this time, but I will log the progress of the expedition as it evolves.”

  • Everest Beyond

    — Emily Million