Blackberry PlayBook Update Delayed Until February

Research In Motion (RIM) is continuing to lose it’s place in the tablet device market. The company, which makes Blackberries, already took forever to get its iPad competitor to market, losing ground to Apple, Sony and Samsung. And now the company is delaying the release of its OS 2.0 to users until February. (Developers will have limited access to a beta version before then).

The new operating system will include updates to enterprise applications, giving companies more the ability to manage tablets from a centralized server.  David J. Smith, SVP, BlackBerry PlayBook, Research In Motion, wrote more about the updates in a blog post: “The software update will add advanced integrated email, calendar and contact apps, a new video store, as well as new functionality that will allow your BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook to work together even better.”

This delay in the software update could hurt holiday sales. The New York Times has more: “The delay will most likely sink the chances of significant PlayBook sales during the holiday buying season, and also raised concerns about delays in the release of a new line of BlackBerry phones that the company hopes will revive its business.”